5 Habits That Make Hair Weak

5 Habits That Make Hair Weak

Does your hair rapidly lose its fresh look? The reason for sure is on our list. That’s means we can fix it.

Each of us has such days when she did not have time to wash her hair. They turned off the water, there was a reversing Mercury. It is quite another thing when the hair becomes dirty closer to dinner, while in the morning you thoroughly washed it. Why is this happening? we asked the professional.

Brush Your Hair Often Throughout The Day

You may have heard some advice on combing your hair 200 times in different directions. It is applicable only if you have a lot of time or wear a wig. After all, the more often you comb and touch your hair, the faster they get dirty. The fact is that any massage stimulates the production of sebum.

Running a comb through your hair will distribute the sebum along its entire length. As a result, the hair turns into icicles by the middle of the day.

Wash Your Hair Daily

If you wash your hair every day, then the scalp gets used to it and ceases to regulate the sebaceous glands. As a result, more sebum is secreted than is needed to moisturize the skin, and hair gets dirty faster.

If the hair becomes greasy the very next day, this problem is not solved by daily washing, but by the use of therapeutic shampoos for the scalp.

Unsuitable Use of Hair Care Products

Until now, many girls apply hair oils and masks directly to the scalp. But you can’t do this. Oils and masks often contain silicones and other components that serve to close the hair scales and smooth them.

On the scalp, they create a film through which sebum cannot pass. There is a greenhouse effect that stimulates the sebaceous glands and can even lead to inflammation of the scalp.

The shampoo is created for the scalp and hair, and the conditioner, mask, balm, oil, cream are applied along the length of the strands, while you need to retreat from the roots by five centimeters. It is worth carefully reading the label, these important nuances are often spelled out there.

Turn on Very Hot Water

Do you like it hotter? You have to pay for it. High temperatures stimulate the sebaceous glands. Try to wash your hair with warm water, and in the end, after using the conditioner, rinse your hair with cool water

Do not wash your hairbrush and hair accessories

If you constantly use the same comb, hairpins, gum or other accessories, but do not wash them, then dirt accumulates in the form of dust, styling products, keratinized scales. Getting on the scalp, they accelerate the processes of hair contamination and even lead to inflammation. It is advisable to arrange a comb and hair accessories for a bathing day once or twice a week.

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