Get to Know About What is FUE Hair Transplant?

What is FUE hair transplant? A detailed guide for everyone. Are you looking for What is FUE Hair Transplant in Lahore? You are in the right place because we know how much this becomes necessary for everyone. Hair loss is so common, and this is a reason everyone looks into multiple options. FUE Hair transplant procedure is not complicated procedure. Shaving the scalp and follicular unit grafts extraction after punching scalp by using 0.8mm & 1mm punching technique.

There are a lot of things that everyone needs to know about FUE treatment rather than searching for the only frequent asked question What is FUE hair transplant? Here we are going to share some details about the procedure as well. Read it carefully and do let us know what your thoughts on this?

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

With this method series of a dot, scars will be done on the scalp, and these scars are not prominent as it seems to be. Yes, they are barely noticeable, so in this procedure, the scalp area is thinned out first. This method enables the extraction and implantation method. It is one of the advanced hair transplant methods, and it won’t cause linear scars or marks in the donor area. This one is the most demanding method nowadays, but everyone needs to make sure that they have this method under the supervision of experts who have already deal with your hair care.

What are the Pros of FUE ?

No more complications will face in this method. It won’t leave any linear scars after hair extraction. Individual Follicular units leave tiny dot scars that are hard to notice by the naked eye. Minimum postoperative pain will be experienced. Chances of infections are minimum, and it is suitable for limited and large body areas without scarring, and people with short hair can go for this method as well. Younger patients who only require small grafts in hairline they can go for this.

What are the Cons of FUE ?

Whereas we have discussed the hair transplant pros, then let me tell you it has lesser graft quality. Yes, this method is painful, but, there is a limit for being done in a session. It impacts as per the price also. Do you know continuous FUE sessions are problematic and it starts from the single scar, but with every session, it may accumulate additional scars and cause so many problems?

What about FUE procedure Cost?

It has been seen FUE hair transplant technique cost patients too much, and it is much more expensive. Always select the hair transplantation method as per your medical condition. Moreover, don’t invest in inexpert surgeons who don’t know about this too much. Always go for qualified medical experts.

These are some essential things that should be known for everyone who is planning for FUE hair transplant. Yes, every hair transplant requires technical skills and this will be possible only if we consult experienced surgeons who should understand are case history carefully and then suggest us a method rather than directly go for any m method without research.

How can i get an Appointment?

For appointment for FUE hair Transplant in Lahore, you can either fill the contact us form or call/whatsapp us at 03003446070