What is FUT Hair Transplant?

Get to know about What is FUT hair transplant in Lahore? Nowadays various people have been facing hair loss issues and your answer to this query What is FUT hair transplant is being answered over here. Actually, in the FUT procedure, small follicular units are removed from the patient’s scalp. This approach is a bit famous nowadays, and yes, it is known as the strip method as well because it involves linear strips on the back of the scalp for hair growth.

fut hair transplant

If we talk about FUT technique, then let me tell you these grafts are small and can be inserted into the scalp. Furthermore, in this blog, you will get to know about “What is FUT hair transplant? What are the pros & cons of this method? Let’s see and do let us know how was your experience with this.

What is Done in the FUT Procedure?

To increase natural appearance we place single hair units at the front of the hairline. We place 2 hair units behind the front hairline. 3 hair units must be placed behind 2 hair units. Patients will come to know about the right amount of hair density. Make sure you people have discussed everything in the beginning about the procedure, and they will see your medical condition before suggesting you the right method.

Well, a maximum of 4000 hair can be transplanted in a single session, and the surgeon stitches the cut in the donor’s scalp.

What are the Side Effects of the FUT Procedure?

Yes, like every surgical procedure, it will have some side effects as well. Numerous people have taken benefit from this, but it is hard to predict for every patient. They face poor and slow hair growth because follicles are damaged. Before and after infections are somehow terrible. It has noticeable scarring, which is difficult to see. Hyperpigmentation risk is obvious as well.

What are the Pros of the FUT Procedure?

In FUT method a large number of follicle units can be transplanted up to 4000 maximum. People who are looking for a large number of follicles then go for super sessions provided by surgeons which are economical though. This is a recommended treatment for multiple surgeries.

It greatly improves the follicle rates, but yes, FUT has a higher rate of follicle survival. It is good to go for people who are looking for reliable technique, and it is excellent for those who have limited hair availability; they are mostly suggested FUT treatments.

What are Other Methods Suggested Than FUT & FUE?

Apart from FUT & FUE there are so many techniques including laser energy, tablets & topical solution. These methods are for hair loss treatment to topical solutions. Get the assistance of the best surgeons for whatever you are going to choose because wrong selection may take you towards the worst condition. Tell your medical experts about the case history so they can come to know further things as well.

Usually, patients don’t get satisfaction from FUT & FUE then they plan to move ahead for another method. FUE is a more extended surgery procedure as compared to FUT. Whatever you are planning, make sure it should be researched in detail.

How can i get an Appointment for FUT Hair Transplant in Lahore?

For appointment of FUT hair transplant in lahore you can fill the contact us form. or you can call or whatsApp at 03003446070.